Architectural Rainscreen Cladding and Panels

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Rainscreen Panels


Lightweight Cladding that Redefines What is Possible. TerraCORE’s lightweight cladding systems provide an innovative alternative to traditional exterior façade products, offering sustainable, energy-saving solutions for a wide array of material pallets.

Rainscreen Panels


Although CENTRIA has been around for over 100 years, they continue to enterprise and innovate, combining a long-standing reputation of excellence and performance with the versatility and adaptability needed to thrive in modern markets. CENTRIA panels are carefully engineered to meet the exacting standards required by modern building codes and regulations, and have been used on medical, education, and commercial facilities by companies all over the county.

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Rainscreen Panels


Fundermax is a rigorously tested, high-pressure laminate phenolic panel made in Europe. Fundermax panels are incredibly versatile and can be used to create whatever visual aesthetic your project needs.

Their panels include a dual-sided finish, offerings in multiple thicknesses, and plenty of colors to choose from, including wood grain, visually textured patterns, and even printed panels! Fundermax panels have been tested with chemical resistance, durability, and UV resistance. They are also sustainable, with many of their panels containing a high percentage of recycled materials.

Rainscreen Panels

American Fiber Cement

American Fiber Cement (AFC) creates high-density fiber cement panels which are then cut using computer-guided saws. Their Fiber Cement panels can be cut and drilled to specification, meaning they are custom fabricated for your project. Contrary to what you may think, Fiber Cement is actually a lightweight and cost-effective cladding for your building, and is sustainable and extremely durable.

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Rainscreen Panels

Citadel Architectural Products

Citadel Architectural Products is an Indianapolis-based manufacturer of composite panels. Beginning in 1968, Citadel has been developing composite panels and innovating to meet the needs of a growing market. Their ACM/MCM panels are made with a thermoset phenolic resin core, which offers greater durability at a similar weight to competitors. 

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Thermal Systems

Thermal Systems is a leading building envelope, mechanical insulation, roofing and daylighting subcontractor that serves the Commercial and Industrial markets across Western Canada and beyond. We look for the most complicated jobs to challenge our highly skilled workforce. Our goal to all stakeholders is to be the best subcontractor on site every time.