Non-Metal Rainscreen Systems

At ASI we offer many options for both concealed and exposed non metal rainscreen systems. Read more below to learn about our product offerings, process and vendors.

Non-Metal Rainscreen Vendors


Exposed Rainscreen Systems

An Exposed Non-Metal Rainscreen System is a type of exterior cladding system used in construction to protect a building from the elements while also enhancing its visual appeal. What sets it apart is its unique combination of aesthetics, sustainability, and functionality

Aesthetic Focal Point

Exposed Non-Metal Rainscreens serve as a design focal point, allowing for a wide range of customizable cladding materials and finishes that contribute to the building's distinctive visual appeal.

Sustainability in Sight:

These systems are a beacon of sustainability, crafted from eco-conscious, non-metallic materials, reducing the environmental footprint and reinforcing a commitment to environmentally responsible architecture.

Architectural Transparency

Exposed rainscreens are designed to showcase the beauty of architectural craftsmanship, with visible components emphasizing the attention to detail, resulting in a visually captivating and structurally robust exterior.


Concealed Rainscreen Systems

A Concealed Non-Metal Rainscreen System is an exterior cladding system used in construction to protect buildings from the elements while maintaining a sleek and minimalistic appearance. What makes it unique is its design approach

Seamless Minimalism

Concealed Non-Metal Rainscreens offer a sleek and seamless exterior, hiding structural elements behind cladding materials for a clean and minimalist architectural appearance.

Design Versatility

Despite the concealed approach, these systems allow for a wide range of cladding material choices, enabling architects to achieve a modern aesthetic while maintaining design flexibility.

Unobtrusive Elegance

With components hidden from view, concealed rainscreens prioritize the cladding material as the central focus, resulting in an unobtrusive and visually cohesive building facade that exudes elegance.