Case Study

LEED Gold Certification For Costa Mesa Fire Station


The city of Costa Mesa needed a new fire station with an iconic look and a durable, high quality exterior finish. The design by PBK Architects called for a clean white color with red secondary accents, and gray tertiary accents. What was needed was a color that wouldn't fade, and a panel that could stand up to all weather elements, providing protection for the fire engine and crews within the station.


It was our job to select the perfect panels for this project, and our experts knew that that CENTRIA Intercept Entyre System would be a perfect fit. These CENTRIA panels would work great because they could be fabricated and painted with the custom color specified and in addition were sturdy and resistant enough to fit the requirements of the fire station. The classic red look was to be achieved through varying panel tones, meaning that multiple shades had to be provided and coordinated. 


The fire station, which replaces the original facility built in 1961 and is the first fire station construction project in Costa Mesa since 1993, was completed for grand opening in September 2018. The building attained LEED Gold certification and came in $350,000 under budget.

The following is a quote from City of Costa Mesa News

“This was a phenomenal event for the entire community,” Fire Chief Dan Stefano said. “Our fire family is grateful and honored to have this extraordinary resource for our residents and firefighters. We look forward to having this serve as our flagship fire station for decades to come.” 

General Contractor:  Kitchell

Architect: PBK

Products Used: CENTRIA Intercept Entyre System

Imagery courtesy of Kitchell