Case Study

Aria Resort & Casino Convention Center Expansion


The Aria Resort & Casino Convention Center Expansion took place between 2016 and 2018 in order to expand upon a project originally built in 2006. The exterior of the building was left as-is, while the interior was remodeled. The project was to have natural light, curved facades, wood grain, and integrated art features and lighting. Additionally, there were to be open air verandas in order to leverage the Las Vegas skyline views.


In such a large project, it is important for each piece of the puzzle to come together with minimal issues. Both insulated and non-insulated panels were used on this build. Insulated CENTRIA Versawall panels were selected and installed because of how easy they are to install, their unique interlocking design and lightweight form, and their ability to enable long, sleek lines, and durable surfaces. The MR3-36 non-insulated panel was used in other applications where long spans were important for an unbroken but visually appealing aesthetic.


Today, the $170 million project is completed and the Aria Convention Center expansion is looking great. The interior and exterior blend seamlessly together in a masterful expression of design and execution. CENTRIA’s piece of the puzzle fit together with the wood panel look and custom art and light displays, and the metal accents the rest of the build while providing thermal and moisture protection in case of inclement weather.

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