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American Fiber Cement Presents

Ventilated Rainscreen

Join American Fiber Cement's Lunch and Learn presentation for a comprehensive exploration of ventilated and insulated rain screen cladding systems. Discover the characteristics of these systems, their historical background, and the common installation methods employed. This course focuses specifically on the application of ventilated rain screen systems with architectural panels, providing valuable insights into their usage and benefits.

American Fiber Cement Presents

Continuous Insulation

Discover the essentials of continuous insulation and its correlation with the ASHRAE 90.1 Energy Standard for Buildings in American Fiber Cement's Lunch and Learn presentation. Gain valuable insights on achieving compliance with the building envelope portion of ASHRAE 90.1 by incorporating continuous insulation into a ventilated rain screen system. Explore the benefits and practical applications of this approach, ensuring energy efficiency and meeting industry standards. Join us to deepen your understanding of continuous insulation and its role in creating a high-performing building envelope.

American Fiber Cement Presents

High-Density Fiber Cement Cladding Solutions In a Ventilated Rainscreen

Credits: 1 LU/HSW Hour

Join American Fiber Cement's Lunch and Learn presentation for an in-depth exploration of high-density fiber cement as a versatile cladding material. This course covers essential aspects such as the manufacturing process, installation practices, and benefits of standard ventilated rainscreen systems. Gain valuable insights into design considerations and discover the wide range of applications for fiber cement panels. Read Full Course Description >

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